5 design tips to steal from this renovated kitchen in London’s Knightsbridge

If you are renovating a period of time property, you’ll need kitchen ideas which are firmly from the present, while being both conscious and sincere of history.

In the home in London’s upmarket Knightsbridge area, Eggersmann Design was billed with developing a kitchen included in an expansive renovation.

With all of those other Grade II-listed home created by British interiors guru Katharine Pooley, your kitchen needed to supply a top quality update towards the home while nodding to the period features.

Gary Singer, who owns Eggersmann Design, gave us an excursion from the stunning finish result and shared the look pointers that you could adopt in your kitchen.


‘Our client renovated their Grade II listed the place to find the greatest standard,’ stated Singer. ‘They desired to respect the time of the home and requested us to produce a kitchen that blended effortlessly in to the home.’

As the doorways for that tall white-colored cupboards and breakfast bar boast 1800s-reminiscent paneling, all of those other room is extremely contemporary in the kitchen remodel ideas, including brushed stainless appliances from Gaggenau along with a modern breakfast bar countertop with clever lines, along with the gray oak veneer cabinets around the lower 1 / 2 of your kitchen, without any panelling whatsoever.


First impressions are essential, which kitchen makes an excellent one indeed. ‘We suggested several ideas and also the client selected our favourite – to produce a very elevated profile door that appears a lot more like decorative wall mouldings,’ stated Singer.

Visitors go into the kitchen via a double fronted entrance, welcomed with a stunning group of glass-paneled doorways. Framing your window panels and developing a hatch them over are glowing brass details, a warming contrast towards the surrounding white-colored woodwork.


Countertops have to be practical, but they may also steal the show like a statement component of your kitchen area.

‘Our favourite stone ever, Taj Mahal perfectly balances the hotter tones from the veneer, the sunshine marble floor and also the white-colored lacquered profiled doorways,’ described Singer.

The posh quartzite stone looks much like marble using its natural veining, features sandy undertones and it is highly durable. This kitchen not just uses it around the worksurfaces, but explores alternative breakfast bar ideas by running up in the worktop towards the wall to border the tv. ‘The chic door panelling and delightful Taj Mahal really are a right diamond necklace of recent design,’ Singer added.


An attractive kitchen needs good kitchen cupboard storage ideas – ones that keep things newly made, but additionally allow some personality to creep out.

‘In what appears just like a rare project nowadays, this kitchen is extremely in the own room,’ stated Singer, ‘Our favourite thing about this process continues to be developing a functional space with a lot of clever storage and display space without letting your kitchen overpower the area.’

A mix of lots of closed cabinets and glass cabinets to show the client’s assortment of ornaments and more attractive glasses, your kitchen strikes an account balance between packing in just as much storage as you possibly can and adding visual interest.

5. Never Be AFRAID To Combine YOUR METALS

Should you thought your metallic hardware might be one tone and something tone only, reconsider. As the cupboard handles, faucet and oven are in silvery-toned metals, flecks of gold come thanks to the stovetop and also the door details, contributing to the subtle warmth from the quartzite.

‘The combination of awesome chrome and stainless along with other more warm metal fittings again provides the kitchen a subtle balance and understated grandeur,’ stated Singer.