5 city garden design lessons we’ve learnt from this elegant urban plot

The look ideas utilized in the development of this London garden create a calm and relaxing oasis within an urban atmosphere, and provide the sense the plot has changed naturally over a long time.

It presently has a feeling of of the stunning Georgian house and tree-lined gardens that surround it.

Large garden borders in scale using the house, soft lines, subtly separated garden rooms, wildlife pond, and structure from trees and shrubs are some of the garden ideas which have resulted in this beautiful space.

‘There was nothing within the garden before – it had been all laid to lawn, with enormous plane trees and shallow, neglected borders,’ explains garden designer Jo Thompson.The proprietors wanted to produce a garden which sitting well in the location an intimate, welcoming, family space to enjoy by all. Her appearance of gentle intervention as opposed to a heavy stamp of design,’ Jo adds.

Nodding towards the history of the home, the area incorporates aspects of Georgian garden design.

Jo shares her design suggestions for creating this elegant and peaceful city garden.


Curves and contours assistance to provide a natural look.

‘The soft lines from the design increase the character and romance from the space. Curving garden ideas help you with the garden notionally separating areas without apparent division,’ explains Jo.

The curves open and contract at tips to produce vistas and frame views. Snaking grass garden path ideas with the generous garden beds help create different areas without apparent limitations.

‘There is a feeling of gentle undulations while you undertake the area, as well as some height put in places,’ Jo adds.

2. Incorporate A WILDLIFE POND For Additional INTEREST

An outdoor pond improves the bio-diversity within the garden.

This really is among numerous wildlife garden ideas which will support wild birds, insects along with other visiting creatures, which can help pollinate and keep natural ecosystem from the garden.

‘The pond is nestled into its location, encircled by a variety of shrubs allow it a feeling of permanency and put, in order that it feels as though it ought to be there. It’s grown having a soft palette, and walking gemstones create some mystery and magic,’ explains Jo.

Water fountain ideas were a hallmark of Georgian garden design, therefore it also fits using the heritage from the property.


Evergreen shrubs and small trees, for example hydrangeas, acers and magnolias abound, supplying texture and form, the colours softly merging into one another with the seasons.

‘An underpinning of elegance with apparently relaxed abandon underpins the planting style, that is really carefully considered,’ explains Jo.

Easy maintenance is essential is essential for this style, so you should take care of the plants and learn to prune hydrangeas or take proper care of Japanese walnut trees should you include similar shrubs or trees inside your garden.


The initial garden walls were restored, and new garden wall ideas added, to produce this secret walled garden in the middle of Georgian London.

‘A kitchen garden is about the corner, with brick pathways and espaliered fruit trees adorning walls a practical, charming space that is hidden from all of those other garden,’ states Jo.

A good gate within the back wall shows that your way continues, and contributes to this feel of the secret garden within walls.

If you cannot build walls, rather you should use trees for privacy and screening inside a backyard, particularly helpful in urban, overlooked spaces.


‘An oak pergola adds a subtle feeling of division without needing a good boundary, and helps to create an outdoor space for that guest suite sitting to 1 side from the terrace,’ explains Jo.

The oak pergola suits the greater natural aesthetic within this traditional setting. It’s grown with the best climbing plants, roses and clematis, carefully selected to provide color with the season. Included in this are alpina to viticella clematis, and roses including ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’, ‘Albertine’, and Rosa banksiae var. banksiae.

There are lots of pergola ideas that will help provide structure to some backyard or delineate spaces.

Caused by many of these subtle and cleaver design ideas is really a timeless garden that completely complements the elegant Georgian home.