When to plant grass seed – for the perfect lawn

Knowing when you should plant grass seed is essential if you wish to grow a proper lawn.

Getting lush, eco-friendly grass is integral to many people’s garden ideas, but regardless if you are after how you can plant grass seed on your own, or attempting to complete patchy areas to create a lawn eco-friendly and thick, you have to time that it perfect.

‘With the increase in prices of grass seed over the past few years, it is advisable to increase your success when timing planting,’ states Adam Gore, horticulture agent for Clemson College Cooperative Extension.

‘This means it’s very important to seed a lawn during optimum growing conditions. Doing this will prevent disease development, poor seed germination and seedling failure.’

When You Should PLANT GRASS SEED – Baby

When you should plant grass seed depends upon several factors: soil temperatures, the expected weather forecast, grass species selection and placement.

The local weather conditions are a specific factor if you wish to minimise the chance of seedling-related illnesses. Gardeners within the warmer south might find they are able to plant their seed sooner than individuals in cooler northern areas. However, the kind of grass also plays a component.

‘Just as we all have a positive change in temperature preference also do grass species,’ states Gore.

‘Warm-season grasses – for example Bermuda grass, zoysia grass and centipede grass – choose to have soil temperatures at or over 65°F (18°C) for the best germination, whereas awesome-season grasses – for example tall fescue and ryegrass – prefer soil temperatures below 65°F (18°C).

‘Just as crucial may be the weather that follows. Any seedling requires problems that favor their germination and growth. Exposing a plant towards the extremes of harsh summers or winters can result in eventual failure from the grass because of the plants not getting a lot of your time to determine.’

WHEN Is The Greatest Time For You To PLANT GRASS SEED?

The optimum time to plant grass seed depends upon the kind of grass you’re growing.

‘It’s generally better to plant awesome-season grass seed at the begining of fall and warm-season grass seed at the end of spring,’ advises Jeremy Yamaguchi, Chief executive officer of Lawn Love.

‘While you are able to technically plant it any season, these occasions possess the best ground moisture and greatest probability of precipitation as the weather conditions are still mild to warm. Fundamental essentials most optimal conditions for grass seed and can yield probably the most preferred results.


Warm-season grasses ought to be grown early in the year to find the best possibility of success.

‘These grasses need time for you to establish a suitable root system before coping with the ultimate temperatures that could include summer time or winter,’ states Gore.

‘Planting in mid-to-late spring enables these seedlings probably the most hospitable atmosphere that encourages growth just before these ecological stresses.’

Meanwhile, awesome-season grasses could be grown within the late winter to springtime. ‘Though an earlier spring window can experience greater risks as planting at the moment might not allow sufficient plant maturity before summer time stress occurs,’ adds Gore.

When You Should PLANT GRASS SEED Within The FALL

Awesome-season grasses would be best grown in early fall, allowing them sufficient time to determine prior to the following spring.

‘Cool-season grasses develop deep root systems that may permit them to survive the cold winter several weeks,’ states Erinn Witz, co-founding father of Seeds & Spades.

‘Plant the seeds when climate is between 50-65°F (10-18°C).’

Are You Able To PLANT GRASS SEED During The Cold Months?

While technically you are able to plant grass seed during the cold months, it’s best to hang about until the spring for decent-season grasses.

Awesome-season grasses usually can be grown effectively at the end of winter, which can be more suitable until waiting before the fall.


As lengthy as you’ve grown your grass seed in the proper time, it ought to be quick to determine.

‘Expect to determine new growth appearing between 5-thirty days after planting. It will need around thirty days to obtain established and 2 several weeks to be prepared for mowing,’ states Witz.

‘Don’t mow your brand-new grass until it’s a minimum of 3 inches (8cm) tall, and employ the greatest mower deck setting to prevent removing an excessive amount of grass at the same time.’