Spa bathroom ideas — 5 ways to turn your bath space into a luxury suite

Allowing the ultimate health spa bathroom ideas are only for using key design details that include that luxurious look and selecting ‘spa’ type materials like wood, stone, bamboo and marble.

The biggest but comfiest roll top, a rain fall shower, plants, beautiful scents and oh-so-soft white-colored fluffy towels will also be essentials.

‘The emergence of health spa bathrooms has sprung from a mix of people’s desire to have an area to unwind and relax from everyday existence, along with the proven fact that individuals are travelling many remaining in hotels with luxurious en-suite bathrooms, that they turn to replicate in their own individual home,’ states Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs.


Below, we’ve listed the most popular health spa bathroom ideas, throughout marble and permanent wood, to gold accessories, and stylish walnut shelving, so that you can improve your mood and provide your little self-care inside your tranquil health spa bathroom very quickly.

1. CAN’T CONVERT A Bed room? Increase In To The LOFT Rather

Sitting towards the top of the home, where, if you are lucky, you might get disturbed less, your health spa-like master bathroom can fit into the eaves.

Keep your bathroom color plan muted if sun light is a problem and employ the palest shades of grey and chrome fittings to help keep it airy. Glass doorways are the most useful choice too as they’ll create a small bathroom look bigger.

‘Spa bathrooms focus on quality materials having a concentrate on natural, both with texture and also the color scheme think marble and soft whites, grays and neutrals,’ explains Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs.

2. Let The Creativity Flow WITH Gemstone

‘Natural stone can provide a sense of relaxation well suited for a health spa-like atmosphere. In certain cultures, certain gemstones are thought to possess healing qualities and for that reason you’ll frequently find beautiful natural gemstones in probably the most luxurious spas all over the world, explains Oliver Webb, Director at Cullifords.

‘Bringing this touch of nature to your bathroom in your own home will prove to add an immediate feel of health spa luxury.’

You may also utilize it to include color. We have a tendency to consider gemstone to be neutral. However, you will get some stunning slabs which come in blush, rose and dark grey, as proven within the bathroom picture above.

3. Choose GOLD – For That ULTIMATE Health spa BATHROOM FINISH

Gold may be the epitome of luxury inside a wet room, glistening vibrant and filled with decadence. Obviously, you should use brass as a substitute and it’ll look just as good.

Within this stunning wet room idea created by Chelsea-based interior planning studio, Kitesgrove, the gold trim provides the most fabulous finish and adds a warmth towards the seamless all-tiled plan.


The best in decadence, an inset tub will truly mimic the restroom inside your nearest health spa.

The alternative to getting everything on show just like a roll top, sometimes hidden within the floor, an inset bath looks uber stylish should you not possess the space to get it placed by doing so.

Not necessarily possible inside a standard bathroom layout, you could have it placed against a wall encased in tiles having a step-up to get involved with it.


Another key materials are walnut. There’s nothing that can compare with it using its depth of texture and color, not to mention, walnut veneers are perfectly acceptable if real walnut is an excessive amount of a good investment.

Take this bathroom by BC Designs for example. The restroom wall idea featuring walnut inset shelving looks great with marble and also the two luxury materials combined really give that health spa bathroom feel.

Include some glass shelving and you’re on the right path to making a stylish space to unwind in.