Monty Don reveals the one thing never to use in your garden ‘for any reason, ever’

BBC Gardener’s World presenter Monty Don has spoken out from the one factor you shouldn’t use within a garden: peat moss.

Discussing his garden tips on his blog, the horticultural expert lists three crucial causes of staying away from the fabric, but admits that just one of these simple reasons is ‘good enough on its own’.

However, the mixture of three offers overwhelming evidence to step from the problematic organic matter.

Why You Need To NEVER USE Peat moss Inside Your GARDEN – Based On MONTY DON

Here, Monty explains why he recommends staying away from peat moss – and what you could use rather.

1. THE Ecological IMPACT

If you’re into permaculture gardening, you’ll curently have taken many making your backyard more eco-friendly.

However the first – and easiest – step perfectly into a more sustainable garden begins whenever you stop using peat moss, your garden expert suggests. It is because peat moss, left instead in the earth, is really a ‘carbon sink’ that’s ‘as effective as forest or field,’ so it’s vital to not interrupt its placement and spread it across your borders.

‘When we rip up through the a large number of tons with huge machinery, we’re positively growing climatic change. If you purchase it, then you’re a part of that process,’ Monty warns.

2. ITS Effect On Environments

Alongside its effects around the atmosphere, Monty similarly explains what goes on towards the ecosystem whenever you bring peat moss to your garden.

Emphasizing his sustainable garden ideas, he explains that ‘peat bogs really are a unique habitat and ecosystem that establishes very gradually,’ so you should make sure it is uninterrupted.

‘A vast number of plants and creatures rely on them, as well as if they’re left to improve, it is really an incredibly slow process. Peat moss may take annually to improve just by one millimeter. That’s about 1 inch every twenty five years,’ he explains.

However, vast extraction machinery can remove meters of peat moss at any given time – meaning it may ‘destroy 1000’s of years of habitat’ within minutes. ‘No garden may be worth that,’ Monty adds.


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Finally, there’s you don’t need to use peat moss. You will find excellent alternatives, Monty states. Your garden expert suggests searching towards coir compost mixes with a mix of bark, bracken, made of woll, or moss – similar to this mix from Amazon . com work just like efficiently.