Keeping chickens – a guide to keeping hens in your backyard

Keeping chickens is booming in recognition as increasing numbers of people embrace the delight of the daily delivery of fresh eggs using their own happy home hens.

The perception for a lot of of the rural idyll includes the sight and seem of contented clucking chickens scratching around outside outdoors your kitchen window.

But keeping chickens isn’t just for country dwellers and you may keep hens in cities, too – just check there aren’t any limitations regarding keeping chicken within the condition or area where you reside.

Reserve a place for any chicken house and run in your backyard ideas, and follow this informative guide to participate the ever expanding flock of chicken keepers.


Before you decide to squawk ‘keeping chickens is not for me personally – I understand nothing about chicken!’ reconsider. There’s an abundance of helpful advice and training readily available for the newbie chicken keeper up to the more experienced hen mother.

One of many well seasoned eggsperts who’re pleased to impart their advice towards the chicken keeping community is fifth generation chicken keeper Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily.

She can’t expound the numerous advantages of keeping chickens enough. ‘Chickens are extremely relaxing and entertaining to look at that you will likely end up spending much more time together than you anticipated!’ she states.

Keeping chickens as pets is becoming a lot more popular. ‘People understand that chickens could make every bit as good pets as other creatures they’re just as affectionate and characterful as dogs and cats, not to mention possess the USP they lay eggs,’ states Jane Howorth MBE, founding father of the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT), that also advises beginner chicken keepers.