How to stop bamboo from spreading

Have you ever grown bamboo, you’ve certainly wondered how you can stop bamboo from distributing. It could seem impossible, especially since most of weed-suppressant groundcovers won’t stop it, but you will find really lots of great ways to stop bamboo from invading a garden.

If you’re searching introducing a bamboo plant to your backyard ideas, then you need to give consideration to how you can stop bamboo from distributing simultaneously. Using this method when you’re first planting your bamboo, you’ll save yourself the task of controlling an unwieldy plant further lower the road.

Despite its invasive propensities, bamboo is really a very advantageous plant when managed effectively. Because of its fast-growing nature, bamboo is frequently grown for screening since its dense, evergreen leafy appearance causes it to be a perfect plant for achieving garden privacy ideas.

‘Furthermore, bamboo is definitely an animal-resistant plant. Deer, raccoons, rabbits, along with other mammals aren’t attracted into it whatsoever, so planting bamboo inside your garden could work to avoid creatures from stepping into other plants,’ explains Jeremy Yamaguchi, Chief executive officer of Lawn Love.

How You Can STOP BAMBOO FROM Distributing

With regards to working out how you can stop bamboo from distributing, there are many different ways from which you’ll choose: from physical barriers right through to chemical treatments.

Bamboo plants have two different growth patterns, you will find clumping rhizomes and running rhizomes. Clumping rhizomes would be the more manageable of these two and may be easily stopped from distributing with regular pruning. However, bamboo plants with running rhizomes tend to be more problematic.

Bamboo plants with running rhizomes can grow subterranean for approximately 20 ft in the primary plant. ‘If left alone, rhizomes will travel under driveways, patios, house foundations, as well as with the cracks in concrete floors for example sheds and garages,’ states experts from Rhizome Barrier. Therefore, if growing bamboo with running rhizomes, it is essential that you are aware how to prevent bamboo from distributing.


Utilizing a subsurface barrier or root barrier to prevent bamboo distributing is among the most typical methods. It’s very much like planting your bamboo inside a large pot that is submerged under ground. The barrier provides the roots and prevents runners from popping up elsewhere inside your garden.

There are many different choices of root barrier to choose from. Typically these root barriers are manufactured from high-density polyethylene and therefore are purchased like a roll that is unrolled and hidden underneath the ground to encompass the guarana plant and avoid the roots from distributing. If you are attempting to stop bamboo from distributing choose a root barrier which is between 24 to 30 inches deep along with a thickness with a minimum of 60 mil.

Probably the most efficient methods for how you can stop bamboo from distributing, root barriers are simple enough to set up. Simply dig a trench around your whole bamboo plant. Dig 2 ” shallower than your root barrier – for instance for any 30 inch deep barrier, dig a 28 inch trench – as you would like to help keep a tiny bit of the barrier above ground to avoid runners groing through the barrier. Then install the barrier, overlapping in the join, and backfill.

You may also use a subsurface barrier around a pre-existing bamboo plant, however, you will have to by hand break any rhizomes or roots which have gone past the border just before installation.


Cost-effective but physically challenging, severing the rhizomes, also referred to as root pruning is a powerful method to stop bamboo from distributing.

‘All you need to do is have a spade or shovel and push it in to the soil round the outdoors fringe of in which you want the bamboo to prevent. Get it done again and again, overlapping in which you last pressed your spade, til you have gone round the perimeter. This breaks the roots at this perimeter and prevents them from growing past it,’ explains Jeremy Yamaguchi.

The primary problem with this process is it is just temporary and you will have to do it again a couple of occasions each year to maintain your bamboo plant from producing runners.


Undoubtedly the simplest way to stop bamboo from distributing would be to plant it inside a pot instead of into the ground. The pot provides the roots and prevents the bamboo from delivering runners in to the soil. Bamboo also creates an attractive accessory for container gardening ideas and can be used a part of patio ideas to produce a screen or windbreak.

A word of note is the fact that bamboo vegetation is very persistent, so avoid placing your pot onto soil because this will let the roots to develop with the drainage holes from the pot and distribute runners this way.

4. Make Use Of A CHEMICAL WEED KILLER – Like A Last Measure

When searching for ‘how to prevent bamboo from spreading’, you will find many different weed killers. While efficient, weedkillers aren’t the best choice for those who have other plants nearby and have pets or children which have free use of a garden. Weed-killers must only ever be utilized for a final resort because of the negative impact they’ve on wildlife garden ideas. You need to try the physical means of how you can stop bamboo from distributing before grabbing a compound solution.

If no above options have labored, then weed killers can offer a highly effective, low-effort option you can use to prevent bamboo from distributing. Begin by cutting lower the undesirable canes to walk out. Then dress yourself in protective clothing and be sure that pets and children are taken care of. Then use a glyphosate-based weedkiller towards the stumps – this is actually the same method employed for how you can remove Japanese knotweed. Cover by having an old carpet and tarp and be sure that children and pets are stored away. Inside a couple of days, this can get rid of the undesirable plant without harming the primary bamboo.