How to grow daylilies – step-by-step

If you wish to understand how to grow daylilies, the chances are you have been lured by their cheerful colors however, these sturdy perennials will also be quite simple to take care of.

If you want garden ideas that you could ignore, you’ll love daylilies. Tough in an array of conditions and lengthy-flowering, they are among the stalwarts from the perennial border.

’Daylilies are lengthy resided and comparatively pest free,’ states Maryland-based landscape architect and designer Kirsten Coffen. ‘As lengthy as the garden is protected against deer, they’re rewarding to develop. Pick the repeat-blooming varieties which will provide color for many several weeks, for example light-yellow ‘Gail’s Aromatic Treasure’, rose-pink ‘Rosy Returns’, and barrier-pink ‘Strawberry Candy’.’


Once we stated above, it really is simple to grow daylilies. Generally, they’re grown as container garden ideas, but you can purchase bare root daylilies online that may be grown from November right through to March.

To plant a potted daylily seek out an opening that simply one inch approximately much deeper compared to roots so the crown from the plant is going to be level using the soil of the border, add one inch approximately of compost or any other organic matter at the end from the hole, and thoroughly squeeze plant.

If you’re planting bareroot daylilies inside a container, keep these questions warm, sheltered position, like a green house, until they’ve matured just a little a couple of leaves is a great sign. Transfer them when the last frosts have passed.


In sun Daylilies are sun worshippers, so plant them entirely sun if at all possible. ’About sixty-six per cent during the day in sun is suitable,’ states Pollie Maasz, who holds a nationwide Assortment of Hemerocallis and sells a large range of them at her daylilies nursery. ‘Any less and also the taller varieties may lean for the light.’

In moist, well-drained soil Dig in organic matter (for example compost) on planting and mulch yearly by using it, to be able to boost moisture retention and drainage.

‘Daylilies appreciate moisture-retentive conditions to blossom in their best,’ states Pollie. ‘If watered and mulched at the end of spring, so they stay reasonably moist, the main difference is amazing. However, we garden on gravel so that as lengthy because they are grown with a decent layer of compost, they appear to be really happy.’

Based on height ‘There a multitude of daylilies that may occupy a wide variety of places within any sized mixed perennial border, in the edge to the rear of the border,’ states Connecticut-based landscape designer Richard Schipul. Check how tall your brand-new daylily will get before deciding where you can put it.


Companion planting is useful. Pair along with other summer time perennials, for example salvia, cranesbill, and monarda, for any lengthy flowering display. Things to plant with hydrangea? Daylilies.

Daylilies can be found in an amazing selection of warm shades: from velvety claret and deep vintage pink to sun yellow and fox red. Combine these wealthy hues using the hot flowers of helenium, kniphofia, rudbeckia, and persicaria for any cheering display of fiery color.

‘One of my personal favorite combinations for sunny spots is Hemerocallis ‘Bela Lugosi’ and Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Little Goldstar’,’ states Illinois-based landscape designer Carolyn Gange. ‘Bela Lugosi’ has deep wine crimson flowers with yellow throats that span 6in (12cm) across. The black-eyed Susan may be the opposite, with beautiful gold petals along with a deep crimson cone. Combined, they play off one another and supply a lengthy blossom season.’

Daylilies also fully trust ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs to produce a number of texture, shape, and structure.

‘I’m keen on using daylilies for example ‘Hyperion’ with broad-leaved buddies, for example panicle hydrangeas,’ states Ohio-based garden designer Ethan McGory. ‘But they’re also great massed along with other daylily varieties.’

Because there are more than 50,000 cultivars, you can easily create an amazing tapestry of color without a penny but gorgeous daylilies.