How to fold towels – with flair

Sure, finding out how to fold towels superbly might not be a significant priority if they’re stored behind closed doorways, if your towels come tumbling out any time you open the linen closet or press, it’s likely because of poor folding techniques. And if you wish to display towels for guest use or on open shelves, health spa-hotel style, then it may be time for you to your towel folding game.

Correctly folded, towels will remain nicely stacked and prepared to be used – and when you are searching for laundry room ideas which are functional and good-searching, understanding the technique is a straightforward win-win.

Enhancing your folding skills can also be useful if you are thinking about how you can keep towels soft. They’ll remain in better condition without excessive creasing, when compared with towels shoved into cupboards carelessly. Towels ought to be folded when they are washed, as well as after use, only once they’ve been completely dried. A heated towel rail will make sure towels dry rapidly which help discourage mildew or stale odors between washes.


With regards to folding towels to ensure that they’re perfectly organized and stylishly arranged, we switched to famous tidying expert Marie Kondo for advice. The KonMari Method™ for folding towels works best for both storage and display purposes because it could keep your towels uniformly folded and tidy.

‘Whether you intend to tuck your products right into a linen closet or on a shelf or display them with an uncovered shelf or perhaps in a glass paned cabinet, this folding technique ensures your towels are generally nicely organized and visually pleasing,’ explains Marie. The process does apply to towels of any size (full-sized bathroom towels, hands towels and face towels).

Step One: Fold the towel in two lengthwise to create a rectangle.

Step Two: Fold the halved towel in two width-wise (if it is a little towel just like a face cloth, you are able to skip this task).

Step Three: Fold the towel into thirds, take one finish in the centre, then place the other finish regarding this.

Step Four: Perform the standing test. When the towel is properly folded, then it will likely be able uphold itself.

How You Can FOLD TOWELS In Order To Save SPACE

For those who have lots of available space inside your linen closet, Marie recommends stacking full bath size, hands and face towels on the top of one another in neat vertical stacks. However, if space is fixed and you’re organizing a linen closet to create more room, moving them is suggested.

‘If you ought to get creative with space, hands and face towels could be folded and stored upright and something while watching other in drawers or baskets,’ she explains. ‘This tip may also allow it to be easier available for family and visitors who require to rapidly grab a hands or face towel.’


There are many methods to fold towels just like a hotel for visible on the towel racks and rails but it’s a good idea to keep things simple, particularly in busy households. Among the easiest and neatest methods would be to lay the towel flat after which fold each lengthy edge in to the middle, so each of the lengthy edges meet within the center. This can give you neat sides, using the washing label tucked inside. Then just lay it within the towel bar, and slide til you have equal length sides hanging lower. Hang in dimensions order, with bath sheets at the end, then bathroom towels, hands towels and lastly face cloths, if needed.