How to care for succulents in winter

Understanding how to look after succulents in the winter months can help these eye-catching plants survive alterations in humidity and temperature.

Some succulents can tolerate cold weather, which makes them great winter garden ideas. However, other medication is tender and want more careful treatment.

Whether you are winterizing succulents usually stored outdoors inside a dry garden or wish to learn how to take care of house plants in the winter months to assist succulents deal with the dry atmosphere brought on by warming, these expert tips will help you to take good proper care of yours.

HOW To Look After SUCCULENTS In The Winter Months

Succulents are recognized for being drought-tolerant – as well as for hating being over-watered – however it is not broadly known that some succulents – frequently known as ‘hard succulents’ can tolerate – and, actually, thrive in cold weather, which makes them the best winter plants for containers and borders. Other succulents, known as ‘soft succulents’ won’t survive temperatures below freezing and should be introduced inside. Below, we distinguish how to look after succulents over winter, based on their type.

WHICH SUCCULENTS Can Remain Outdoors In The Winter Months?

Sturdy succulents, for example sedum, euphorbias, sempervivum, can tolerate temperatures as little as -20ºF. Check the label when purchasing a plant to make sure it’ll suit temperatures inside your zone.

Tender succulents, for example aloe, prefer clement weather, so either have to live inside, where they like a 70 degrees close to 50ºF, or outdoors when the temperature never reaches freezing – a light frost can harm tender leaves. If left outdoors, they’ll need frost protection.

Why can’t some succulents tolerate freezing temperatures? The solution lower to the quantity of water they store within their leaves and stems (hence their drought-tolerance). This can freeze in cold temperature, expand and damage the guarana plant. The very best path to success? Choose hard succulents over tender ones backyard when the zone you reside was susceptible to severe frosts, or be ready to drive them in or safeguard them.