Gozney Dome review: an outdoor oven that smokes, roast, bakes and more

The Gozney Dome is, as it would seem, a dome-formed oven. You have often seen these kinds of ovens in backyards, at the favorite pizza shop, often even in Latin American markets. However I guarantee you haven’t seen anything such as the Gozney Dome.

Gozney has lengthy been referred to as a leader in portable pizza ovens and that’s the way i grew to become acquainted with them. I’d a great time trying out their Roccbox pizza oven, for instance, and making scrumptious Neopolitan pizzas in a moment with buddies. Possibly most impressive concerning the Roccbox was its capacity to achieve temperatures as high as 950 levels. After I heard the Gozney geniuses had produced a bigger oven concentrating on the same temperature abilities, I had been intrigued.

Individuals who love cooking in dome-formed outside ovens will uncover the Dome consists of high-quality materials and superb craftmanship, producing a fantastic outside cooking tool. I understand this to become personally true, too, since i tested the Dome myself.

Continue reading to see just how I fared while using Dome inside my home then, take a look at our very best pizza ovens guide for additional indoor and outside ovens that we have had the pleasure of reviewing – and several other Homes & Gardens-approved models.


Source of energy: Gas and Wood pellet attachment available may use a couple of bits of charcoal with wood

Cooking floor: 30 mm cordierite stone

Oven mouth: 5.1 inches tall and 16.1 inches wide

Exterior dimensions: 26″ H x 24.8″ D x 28.8″ W

Dimensions when around the stand: 5.41 foot H x 2.5 foot D x 4.375 foot W

Weight: 128 lbs

Temperature capacity: 950 levels

Warranty: five years

Establishing THE GOZNEY DOME

There’s two methods for you to order the Gozney Dome: the Dome alone or even the Dome using the stand. In my testing purposes, Gozney sent me the stand and also the Dome via a delivery system. I’d a choice of putting the stand together or getting it setup for me personally – I chosen the second, and so i might get to cooking around the Dome immediately.

The stand is on roller wheels, therefore the delivery driver folded it pre-put together to my garage. The Dome and it is many accessories arrived a structured pile of boxes. As in my opinion, I needed to obtain the Dome to the stand and give a couple of from the incorporated parts towards the Dome.

Since I’m just one lady who lives alone, I hired an activity Rabbit guy to be released which help me to get this done. The Dome is amazingly heavy and there’s not a way for an individual to lift it by itself (it is also safer to not – why risk shedding and cracking it?). As the Task Rabbit guy was there, he solved the problem go over the instructions and hang in the thermometer, removable flue and cap, and ash tray. We test lit the Dome together utilizing a gas can one had on hands.

Having a partner, it required about half an hour to setup the Dome. One factor I’ll explain around the setup process. There’s a place within the instructions where you’re told to chop straps which have been placed at the base area of the Dome. These straps are that which you use to lift the Dome to the stand. If you feel you might like to transfer the Dome to some built-in outside kitchen eventually, don’t cut individuals straps. They might look just a little silly, but they’re very useful in lifting the Dome off and on the stand if necessary.