Best summer bulbs – bulbs to grow and when and how to plant them

Summer time bulbs offer an abundance of colors, scents and flower forms, yet are frequently overlooked in support of their earlier spring-flowering cousins.

However, with meticulous planning, you may enjoy the altering planting palette and vibrant color contrasts because the garden transitions through summer time, from a number of summer time bulbs.

They must be planned to follow along with in quick succession when your spring bulbs begin to fade, for any lengthy lasting display for several weeks on finish.

Summer time BULBS To Develop

Summer time bulbs could be grown direct within the garden in your garden ideas. Many also make wonderful displays as container gardening ideas, or are an important addition if you are planning for a cut flower garden to savor the blooms around your house.

‘Choose summer time bulbs which flower at different points in the season for successive color. For example, lilies for early summer time, gladioli for mid season, and also the later flowering echinacea, and you’ll be rewarded having a lengthy-lasting display which evolves as summer time progresses,’ explains Sue Sanderson, horticulturist at bulb and plant specialists Player Gracy.

Add a few of the following best summer time bulbs for your planting palette.


There are lots of types of oriental lilies you may choose to plant. ‘These lilies are sturdy and reliable, coming back for any repeat show every year,’ states Sue Sanderson.

‘Lily ‘Apricot Fudge’ has fascinating double blooms that come in early to mid summer time, and can return each year. They are wonderful for that border or large patio containers, and therefore are just like lovely as cut flowers,’ adds Sue

Another variety she recommends may be the superbly scented ‘Tiger Woods’.


Crocosmias are a simple and reliable summer time bulb to plant, ‘and their fiery flowers and powerful vertical leaves create dynamic interest. They combine well with achillea, helenium and salvia,’ states Victoria Evans, gardener in the National Trust’s Packwood House, which boasts outstanding summer time flower borders.

There are a variety of types to select from. ‘Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ may be the classic, tall, scarlet flowered crocosmia, while ‘Star from the East may be the largest flowered variety. Its orange star-formed blooms persist well into fall,’ states Victoria. It really works particularly well if you are wishing to produce a contemporary garden color plan or like tropical garden ideas.

As crocosmias spread and also be large, gardening guru Monty Don recommends lifting large clumps at the begining of spring, separating them apart and replanting them in smaller sized groups. ‘They will respond with elevated vigor and flowers,’ he states.


Dahlias can blossom through the summer time several weeks with many varieties to select from, knowing how you can grow dahlias you’ll be truly spoilt for choice.

There are a variety that Sue Sanderson singles out for attention, including Dahlia ‘Myrtle’s Folly’, using its large ruffled blooms in shades of barrier-pink and yellow from summer time right through to fall and dahlia ‘Rembrandt’ ‘with a neat, compact habit, that may decorate patio containers with soft pink blooms continuously with the season.

If you are keen to incorporate flowers that attract bees then choose the single flower types of dahlia.


Crinum x powellii , or swamp lily, produces pale pink trumpet flowers in summer time.

‘It is really a plant having a stately presence, deserving a place of their own. Crinums requires a sheltered position entirely sun, with higher soil to thrive. Plant using the bulb tip above soil level,’ states Victoria Evans.

‘They will also be good inside a – very – large pot, plus they flower especially well once the plant’s roots are limited.’


Another summer time bulb that may flower with the season and into late fall, begonias tolerate shade in addition to a sunny position.

There are lots of choices, ‘such as begonia ‘Angelique’ ‘which has multiple, large blooms from summer time right through to the very first frosts and it has an attractive scent, too,’ explains Sue. Learn how to overwinter begonias to savor the blooms every year.

Begonia ‘Picotee Sunburst’, however, will Illuminate a gently shaded area with zingy color from summer time right through to late fall. ‘It is a superb option for patio containers or borders,’ states Sue.