Best shrubs for privacy – the top varieties to add to your yard

If you’re searching for the best shrubs for privacy for any front or backyard, there are lots of options to select from which will add color, shelter, and structure for your garden, too.

Together with supplying screening in the road or neighboring qualities, the very best evergreen shrubs may add color, structure and interest all year round.

Using natural barrier options instead of fencing or walls can also be one of the better wildlife garden suggestions for supplying habitats and causes of food for various creatures, wild birds and important pollinators.


While the majority of the best shrubs for privacy is going to be evergreens, due their all year round foliage screen, that’s not saying that you simply can’t still start adding some deciduous shrubs one of the planting. Attempt to envisage the way the mixture of shrubs will looks all year round – many will add differing color, flowers or possibly periodic fruit and berries.


‘Schip laurel is really a compact, evergreen shrub that thrives in partial shade and sun. Highly versatile, it actually reaches heights of 10-14 ft, which makes it ideal for privacy,’ explains Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery.

Prunus laurocerasus ‘schipkaensis’, also referred to as skip laurel, is a superb choice for shrubs for privacy in zones 5-9. For those who have a north facing or shady plot and therefore are searching for shrubs for shade, it copes well in shadier environments.

Smaller sized growing than other laurels, schip laurel can produce a smaller sized, neat natural privacy screen or privacy hedge when pruned and tolerates many soil types.


‘Inkberry, Ilex glabra, can grow a superbly rounded broadleaf evergreen crown. If your tall shrub for privacy is the goal, avoid named varieties, for example ‘densa’, ‘compacta’, and ‘gem box’,’ explains Kathleen Connolly, environmental landscape designer and founding father of Talking about Landscapes.

Also referred to as evergreen winterberry, Appalachian tea-tree and gallberry, inkberry is indigenous to eco-regions within the east and southeast US coast, in addition to southern maritime Canada.

As with every choices, make certain you are aware how to plant shrubs to assist them to thrive. ‘To ensure that it stays in top form, plant inkberry where there’s a minimum of moderate soil moisture. It may tolerate light shade in addition to full sun. Trim inkberry 6 inches every year to inspire dense leaf coverage up and lower the stem,’ Kathleen adds.

They aren’t ones to plant for his or her flowers, because these are extremely small, ‘but should you plant both men and women inkberries, a number of native wild birds will appreciate the distinctive blue-black berries midwinter,’ Kathleen explains, therefore the shrub is a to incorporate in your winter garden ideas.


Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ is really a thick dense evergreen that prefers well-drained, moist and fertile soils. It’s a fantastic choice since it is a quick-growing evergreen conifer, ‘ explains Tammy Sons.

The thick growth provides the best privacy also it can also behave as the the right backdrop for other flowering types of shrubs.

It may develop to six-10ft (2-3m) so especially helpful for supplying a screen from neighboring qualities.


If you’re searching for shrubs for privacy which produce beautiful flowers, then your mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia, is a for that list.

‘The large white-colored and pink flowers really are a pleasure to determine in June and This summer,’ explains Kathleen, and could be combined with other flowering shrubs for beautiful, periodic displays.

Also referred to as calico-plant, or spoonwood, mountain laurel ‘has a status like a shade-lover, but it’s more happy and healthier partly to full sun,’ she adds.

Mountain laurel is indigenous to eco-parts of the eastern third of america and southern Canada.

‘Once established, mountain laurel can tolerate drier sites. If you are after plants for privacy from neighbors, avoid varieties bred for low height if your tall screen is the goal, avoid cultivars bred for low height,’ adds Kathleen. You may decide cultivars bred for low height if you are searching for shrubs for that front of the home, however, because these won’t block views, and can aid in increasing your house’s entrance charm using the summer time blooms.


Another flowering candidate for any shrubs for privacy is Rosebay rhododendron, Rhododendron maximum, or American rosebay.

‘Native to eco-regions within the eastern third from the U.S. in addition to southeastern Canada, this tall shrub displays large white-colored flowers in This summer. In many locations, this broadleaf evergreen can grow to fifteen ft within the southeastern U.S., it’s been recognized to achieve 30 ft,’ explains Kathleen.

Rosebay rhododendron thrives partly to full shade, and prefers moist, acidic soil.