Bedroom rug ideas –10 stylish ways to invite softness and warmth underfoot

Bed room rug ideas are a great way to create warmth and gentleness to restful spaces. Bedrooms with hard floors can risk feeling cold, however the right rug may bring instant coziness underfoot and may help cushion sounds, too.

In addition to getting practical benefits, rugs and runners really are a brilliant method to inject personality into an inside. As personal and spaces, it’s important our bedrooms reflect our tastes and therefore are places we like to be – adding an area rug is a superb method of accomplishing this as these come in a vast variety of colors, weaves, materials and patterns.

We’ve put together an array of beautiful rugs to increase your listing of bed room good ideas , get inspired, with some tips from interior experts.


Selecting bed room rug ideas is definitely an enjoyable a part of any bed room as there are plenty of designs available. Lounging small, deep pile rugs through the side from the bed is brilliant bed room carpet idea for getting warmth underfoot, alternatively a bigger feature rug can instantly change the appear and feel of the room. Based on size and positioning they may be used to unify or zone an area and could be an excellent beginning point for any room design.

‘One of the best place to start when inviting color and pattern into the house is to sett a dark tone and anchor all of those other space,’ states designer Matthew Williamson. ‘A beautiful bed room rug can provide you with a palette or perhaps a sounding board throughout the area. You can choose specific colors in the weave and bring them to the walls, in to the soft furnishings as well as up to the ceiling for any dramatic look.’

1. Create A FEATURE From The FLOOR

Presenting a patterned rug is a practical way to include instant color and personality to some primary bed room, especially where wallpapers aren’t appropriate.

Within this bed room with colored wall paneling, the ground is the best surface for adding a little pattern. Having a bold geometric pattern, this flatweave rug from Robert Stephenson perfect fits the olive and ochre color plan and echoes the strong angular shapes from the four-poster bed and paneling.

2. CREATE CALM Having A SIMPLE White-colored RUG

If you are searching to produce an oasis of calm to retreat to following a busy day then you definitely can’t fail with classic white-colored bed room ideas. Positioned beneath the bed, this white-colored rug includes a fairly thick pile getting luxurious gentleness underfoot as you become up each morning, and it also contrasts superbly using the dark bedspread.


If you value hot color and pattern but they are careful about with them wall-to wall, then presenting them through fabrics, soft furnishing and rugs could be a great alternative. Including an exciting geometric rug is a straightforward colorful bed room idea which could instantly spice up an unbiased plan because this interior proves. Handcrafted from cotton in Jaipur, India, this Chunky rug from Molly Mahon pairs superbly having a hot pink upholstered headboard and striped drapes.


If you are fortunate enough to possess a beautiful wood floor you will want to take full advantage of it, so why wouldn’t you give a rug produced from woven natural materials like Jute that will introduce subtle texture and heat although complementing the gorgeous grain from the wood floor? For any little decorative flair, think about a scallop-edged design similar to this pink version from Vanrenen GW Designs.


Hard floors of stone and wood are popular country bed room ideas, however they could make spaces feeling cold and echoey – lounging an attractive rug will instantly warm-up the area helping it feel more cosy and welcoming. Ideal for a vintage country feel, this huge rug inside a natural, oaty shade is made of natural materials to enhance all of those other interior plan.

6. Spice Up A Modern Day Bed room

In addition to getting decorative interest and gentleness, rugs can enjoy a huge role in zoning an area, too. Within this contemporary bed room a sizable, dynamic geometric helps produce a separate sitting area from the bed.

With a focus on strong architectural lines and sleek furniture, modern bed room ideas can occasionally risk feeling cold, but presenting an active patterned rug similar to tribal designs adds a layer of decorative interest which will help liven the area, because this stylish plan proves.


Supplying a decorative touch without over-powering an area, rugs with simple stripes are actually excellent option for a bed room where developing a restful atmosphere is essential, Stripes bring order and structure to some space and be capable of redirect the attention. When integrated into an inside design plan, they inject a serving of understated elegance and class, especially within traditional bed room ideas.

‘Stripes add visual interest towards the floor as well as for individuals low on space, it’s worth remembering that straight line stripes will help enlarge the look of an area,’ states Jon Flannigan, product manager, Kersaint Cobb.

8. Make Heads Turn Having A BOLD FLORAL DESIGN

Searching to include drama and glamor right into a bed room? You cannot fail with bold floral room ideas. If you value florals but want something just a little simpler to reside with, then consider using a repeat design and pairing it having a soft pastel shade as pictured.


Selecting an area rug inside a pattern that balances other patterns within the room is definitely an efficient way of making harmony and balance inside a bed room, as proven with this beautiful interior by Nicola Harding.

With this thought, if selecting bed room rugs to complements your headboard ideas, you can take inspiration in the upholstery print, but don’t replicate it. Rather, go for something having a slightly different pattern, scale or tone as continues to be completed to great effect here with harmonizing geometric prints.

While ‘using exactly the same pattern on two products inside a room creates cohesion,’ explains Ella Richards, mind of design at Linwood, ‘don’t reach matchy-matchy,’ she warns. ‘You have to add aspects of surprize.’

10. Select A FAUX SHEEPSKIN For Additional WARMTH

If you prefer a soft, warm surface to sink your ft into while you leave bed then you definitely can’t fail having a faux sheepskin rug. Small , easy to maneuver, they add instant coziness to hard floors, specifically if you are searching for small bed room ideas. Getting gentleness and subtle texture they are ideal for individuals searching for any calm, neutral plan.

‘I love natural materials and finishes for example timber and stone or softer elements for example sisal, sheepskin and made of woll – pieces which will add character and mild texture,’ advises Mark Winstanley from the White-colored Company when purchasing an area rug for any bed room.